Patrick McCrann

Community Manager, Consultant, and Public Speaker in RI, USA

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Hi! I am Patrick McCrann, and I help athletes and creators build systems and habits to achieve their goals. You can find my newsletter and resources here:

When I’m not building and teaching community things, you can find me moonlighting as a compulsive endurance athlete.


Motto: Life is too short to stand still.


I am obsessed with creating communities online and in the real world around shared values. I believe the best communities are greater than the sum of their parts.

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I also work on consulting projects for creators and small companies in the online community space. Maybe your workflow needs a rethink. Or you need to get unstuck. Perhaps your community needs a reboot.

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Looking forward to it,

~ Patrick

  • Work
    • Endurance Nation GetRocketBike
  • Education
    • Boston University
    • Harvard